Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A thought for the day...

Remember, your story is being written and re-written every day.
Be the hero and not the villian... be the savior and not the victim...
But in all cases, be both the knight AND the dragon !

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'll be appearing live this SUNDAY at:

♥ Comics, toys, ice sculptures, music, and more !! ♥

I will have FREE prints and cards for all who come and see me !!

"You guys go the convention... I plan on sleeping !"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Latest Works & Tidbits

As you can see, I'm not great with updating, but that will change soon LOL

Here's a few tidbits and pix from recent works...

The pix at left are my inks over Marvel legend Joe Sinnott's pencils. The originals have been donated to the Inkwell Awards and will be up on Ebay soon.
They are approx 9x11 each, done in a puzzle fashion, on thin Bristol stock.
Check them out: http://www.inkwellawards.com/

A small tidbit... Mac and Trouble will be appearing in the War Of The Independents by the incredible Dave Ryan. I was hoping that they'd make it in, since I missed the deadlines, etc. Dave - you rock dude !
More on Dave and his series:

Some recent sketch cards I've been doing...

These were both commission APs done from the awesome "Cryptids" set by Viceroy Cards.

Another AP commission from the "CBLDF" set by Cryptozoic... this is "Concrete" from Dark Horse.

I penciled and inked this 'caveman' character for Red Leaf Comics for their upcoming 'who's who' book.

I inked this anthology cover for Wonderfunders new series.
Wonderfunders is at http://wonderfunders.com/

This AP of 'Emma Peel' from the BBC's "Avengers" tv show went quickly on Ebay.

Another tidbit: I'll be debuting new Mac and Trouble art and pages soon on FB, Twitter, and here...keep tuned in !

Currently working on:
* Leaf Hockey 2013 sketch cards
* War of the Worlds cards for Cult Stuf
* some amazing vintage set cards for Frank Euchus like Sideshow Freaks and Tattoos
* additional inks and art for Red Leaf Comics
* new sketch cards for sets from Sad Littles and 5finity
* and as usual, MAC AND TROUBLE !!!

More coming soon... omg, isn't this enough ?! LOL