Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project Superpowers puzzle

One of the producers I do sketch cards for, Breygent Marketing, is releasing a set I worked on... "Project Superpowers" featuring characters by Alex Ross.

This is a 4-card sketch card puzzle I did of "Death Defying Devil" the current version of the golden age "Daredevil / Devil" character. Here's a pic of his modern-day version.

If you'd like to see a slideshow of this image, showing all 5 steps from pencils to colors - please click this link...

I did a bunch of other sketch cards for the set, you can see more images of them in the near future.

This is going to be a great set, and I very proud to be a part of it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mac and Trouble - Sketch Card inserts

Today, some of the Mac and Trouble trading card set sketch cards have come in.
Below, are just a few of the images from the ever-popular Russ Leach...

Russ is a multi-talented artist - more of his work can be seen at this link.
Currently, Russ is pencilling the "Chronic Argonauts" graphic novel for New Baby Productions and the "Red Angel" series from What The Flux Comics.
He's just one of a group of talented artists from the sketch card, comic book, and animation industries providing sketch card art for this set.

This is just the first of many endeavors we've designed to help local and national animal charities :)
I will be posting more cards as I get them...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Just did something fun, I inked a page for an upcoming Main Enterprises coloring book. I have 1 more piece to do after this...

Rock Baker pencils, my inks...

I lightboxed the original rough so I could control the smoothness and give it a commercial look.

For more info on this new coloring book, please see Main Enterprises at this link.
Rock Baker is a wonderful artist that showcases his talents with AC Comics. Look for him here...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

CBLDF Sketch Cards

I've just started to work on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sketch cards for Cryptozoic Entertainment.
This is a great set, filled with great imagery... the properties include a lot from Image, Dark Horse, and many others.
As for me, I really want to center on the funny and oddball characters of the properties offered - while others are excited about Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, and the rest.
I was given permission by Cryptozoic to show these cards I did...
Beanworld (left) and Bone.

I rather like the idea of sharing the CBLDF's message on the cards. I've always been a promoter of literacy, and in the past I've donated funds and free ads in my publications to the CBLDF.

For more information on the CBLDF set please click here...
And for info on the CBLDF please click here...
I'm honored to be a part of the set.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mac and Trouble interview !

I'm really grateful to John Helmer, the head honcho at for the wonderful interview they did with me on the "Mac and Trouble" project.

If you want to see great art from Michael Mayne, Terry Pavlet, Russ Leach, and myself - learn about the project and where it's going - and some secrets - please check it out.

Interview is at:
More on "Mac and Trouble" at their website.

A special thank you to John Helmer... who is also the publisher at Red Leaf Comics whom I had the pleasure of working for in the past. I inked this cover (along with the great James Taylor providing pencils), and did a few more pieces...
It's a great company worth checking out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mac and Trouble - the trading card set

To help launch the new Mac and Trouble comic book with Rusty Ink! and What The Flux Comics, we wanted to do something different.
We're producing a 4-card set of imagery announcing the new book, the web-strip, and offering something special... for the FIRST TIME ANYWHERE - an original sketch card as a PROMO CARD !
(hold the applause - please throw mice)
(Mac holding the set - "ok, I did it - gimme a treat")

The set will consist of 3 full color cards, that display art from the upcoming book, as well as pix of the real Mac and Trouble. Artists on the 3 cards include Michael Mayne, Terry Pavlet, and Rusty !

Every set comes with an original art sketch card from some of the hottest pros in the industry. There will also be special Paw-Print cards that feature actual paw-prints, and signatures of the creators !

More will be announced later on the Mac and Trouble site - as well as here on this page.

Russ Leach - Mac and Trouble artwork

I've got to say that Russ Leach is a fantastic artist... one of my new favorites, and in my opinion definitely one of the best in the business.
Recently I asked Russ if he would have the time to do a piece for the new "Mac and Trouble" book... a cover, pinup, whatever. And, he gave me a great piece...
(this is all he showed on his blog, so I'll do the same)

I think I may hold out and use this as a cover, because the full piece is so cool - I can't wait to ink it.
Thanks Russ for a sample of your great artwork - it is truly an honor.

Russ Leach has a blog and his work can be seen at his website here.
Mac and Trouble also have a website that you can visit with some fabulous artwork.

Southcoast Toy and Comic Show - art print

I've always tried to help people in the industry. And, I love giving prizes and things to shows. It's great to put original art and signed items in the hands of the fans - they make us who we are.
The Southcoast Toy and Comic Show is a great example of this.
They put on a great show in Fairhaven, MA - have great guests - and they know how to treat fans right. I've given them some art and signed books as prizes before.
This next show on June 12 - I'm doing a special comic book art print on my new "Mac and Trouble" book. The prints are limited to 250 copies, signed, and will be for the first 250 guests through the door.
The art is by the fabulous Michael Mayne, the penciler of the book, and it's unique to the show.

For more info on the Southcoast Toy and Comic Show please visit their website or visit their Facebook.
Michael Mayne's amazing art can be found here with links to other places.
The book's publisher is What The Flux Comics.
Mac and Trouble have a Facebook and a website to see as well.

Thanks - Rusty !