Friday, June 3, 2011

Mac and Trouble - the trading card set

To help launch the new Mac and Trouble comic book with Rusty Ink! and What The Flux Comics, we wanted to do something different.
We're producing a 4-card set of imagery announcing the new book, the web-strip, and offering something special... for the FIRST TIME ANYWHERE - an original sketch card as a PROMO CARD !
(hold the applause - please throw mice)
(Mac holding the set - "ok, I did it - gimme a treat")

The set will consist of 3 full color cards, that display art from the upcoming book, as well as pix of the real Mac and Trouble. Artists on the 3 cards include Michael Mayne, Terry Pavlet, and Rusty !

Every set comes with an original art sketch card from some of the hottest pros in the industry. There will also be special Paw-Print cards that feature actual paw-prints, and signatures of the creators !

More will be announced later on the Mac and Trouble site - as well as here on this page.

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