Saturday, June 11, 2011

CBLDF Sketch Cards

I've just started to work on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sketch cards for Cryptozoic Entertainment.
This is a great set, filled with great imagery... the properties include a lot from Image, Dark Horse, and many others.
As for me, I really want to center on the funny and oddball characters of the properties offered - while others are excited about Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, and the rest.
I was given permission by Cryptozoic to show these cards I did...
Beanworld (left) and Bone.

I rather like the idea of sharing the CBLDF's message on the cards. I've always been a promoter of literacy, and in the past I've donated funds and free ads in my publications to the CBLDF.

For more information on the CBLDF set please click here...
And for info on the CBLDF please click here...
I'm honored to be a part of the set.


  1. Love the artwork. And the message of the CBLDF is an important one. Literacy is the TOP thing that will help the youth of today storm the world of tomorrow. And having the liberty to express ourselves is a foundational principle of any successful democracy.

  2. oooh Rusty you just inspired me! Great cards! :)

  3. Thanks guys... when I started working on these cards, this is the message style I thought of...

  4. I wish I would have thought to include messages on my cards. Great work Rusty!