Friday, June 3, 2011

Southcoast Toy and Comic Show - art print

I've always tried to help people in the industry. And, I love giving prizes and things to shows. It's great to put original art and signed items in the hands of the fans - they make us who we are.
The Southcoast Toy and Comic Show is a great example of this.
They put on a great show in Fairhaven, MA - have great guests - and they know how to treat fans right. I've given them some art and signed books as prizes before.
This next show on June 12 - I'm doing a special comic book art print on my new "Mac and Trouble" book. The prints are limited to 250 copies, signed, and will be for the first 250 guests through the door.
The art is by the fabulous Michael Mayne, the penciler of the book, and it's unique to the show.

For more info on the Southcoast Toy and Comic Show please visit their website or visit their Facebook.
Michael Mayne's amazing art can be found here with links to other places.
The book's publisher is What The Flux Comics.
Mac and Trouble have a Facebook and a website to see as well.

Thanks - Rusty !

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