Sunday, November 13, 2011

A few new pieces...

I wanted to share with you a few new things that I've been working on...

This first piece is of 'Magilla Gorilla' to be used in a new cartoon-oriented book from Jim Main at Main Enterprises.

I did the inks to the wonderful pencils of Joe Martino of Shadowflame fame.

The next pieces below are a few sketch cards I've done for the "Fatsa: The Lord of the Dragons" set, being released by Mercenary Art Studio.

I always try to do the 'oddball' characters when I do sets, just to be different LOL - and I was glad to see that they had a dog as one of the characters. His name is 'Brutus'.

Another recent piece is a PSC (personal sketch card) I did for Halloween...
Meet 'Spongebob Scarepants'... This is not yo' mama's sponge !

If you're interested in this original sketch card, please email me at I also have glossy 4x6 prints of him as well.

Now for a few "Mac and Trouble" card set previews.

Here's some cool samples of Chris Thorne's wonderful sketch cards...
Capturing the silly cat poses we all know and love.

Chris is a convention favorite, and his great work can be seen in the "Walking Dead" and "CBLDF Liberty" sets (both from Cryptozoic) and the "Hammer Horror" set from Strictly Ink. His work on these cards has a blend of portrait and story book visions.

Next up is some fine work from J(ay)...

Cards with PURRsonality - LOL

J(ay)'s work can be seen in the "Island Dreams" set, "Painkiller Jane" set from 5finity, "Marvel Beginnings 2" and "The Avengers" cards by Upper Deck, the "March of Dimes" set, and many others. His unique stylings are a pleasant change from the norm, and shows the versatility of the sketch card market. Check out his website here.

These are just a few samples of their work - wait til you see the rest of their wonderful cards. We're lucky to have had them participate in this set.

Please check out all of the links above, to see more from the artists and subjects displayed here.

And, please don't forget to participate with the "Mac and Trouble" comic book campaign below. It's the only place to get "Mac and Trouble" promo/sketch card set, see additional art and collect some great rewards. Every weekend and holiday we're giving away a FREE sketch card commission for EVERY investment to the campaign - DON'T MISS OUT !

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