Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some new things...

First off, I'll be signing at the following upcoming shows:

Jul 8... Richmond, VA - VA Comic Con
Aug 4-5... Allentown PA - Greater Allentown Show
Sept 29... Hershey, PA - Hershey Comic Show
Nov 3-4... Providence, RI - Rhode Island Comic Con

I'll be giving away exclusive art prints and/or exclusive cards at each !


I wanted to share these new cards I've done for Unstoppable Cards for their "Avengers 50" set (The Avenger tv show from the BBC in the 1960s)...

These last ones above are a homage to the original Avengers comic book artists...
(left) John Stokes 1967 - (right) John Bolton 1977


The "Mac and Trouble" comic book is coming along fine - the format has been changed from single issues to graphic novels, which has been proven to sell better, and has a longer shelf life with retailers.
Also, this will give readers more 'bang for their buck' - 3+ issues and features for a price lower that 3 full issues.

The "Mac and Trouble Comfort Foods Cook Book" is also coming along nicely. Artists Dan Gorman and George Leon are working hard on their parts, and a 5page story has been added to the mix. This will be a great book !

More to come folks !

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