Sunday, July 3, 2011

MORE Mac and Trouble - Sketch Card inserts

It's always a treat when you're working on a comic or card set, and start to get new material in.
On the new Mac and Trouble card set, some new sketch cards have rolled in... this time, from artist/animator George Leon...
George added his own particular style to Mac and Trouble - giving them some incredible personality !

Every 4-card promo set of Mac and Trouble comes with a sketch card promo - the first of it's kind in the industry !

Both George Leon, and Russ Leach (who's cards were shown in an earlier post) have donated their Artist Proof cards to the animal charity. Thanks guys - you both rock !

For more of George Leon's fabulous illustrations, he's requested that you join him on Facebook at this link...


  1. We're all tankful for what participation we've gotten... cards like this are inspiring.