Monday, July 18, 2011

Triple Threat !

It's not often that that I get a lot of news in one day, but this weekend proved to be a Triple Threat for me.
In my email, I get not one, not two, but three different artists' sketch cards to preview !

1: Laura Inglis... Laura is a great artist and has done many beautiful sketch cards. Here, she's captured the 'friendly fun' shared between Mac and Trouble. I like the storybook quality she's brought to her cards. You can see more of Laura's fine work here at this link.

2: Jason Shoemaker... Jason's work is just great. He's done some amazing Star Wars and Marvel hero sketch cards, and we were fortunate to have him on this set. His style on these cards, shows his versatility to adapt himself to the project. For more on Jason please click this link here.

3: Jeff Austin... Jeff is a fine artist and inker, and is well known for his work at AC Comics. This is one of Jeff's first ventures in the sketch card arena - and I would say he's taken to it well.
Jeff's artwork is amazing. I've had the pleasure of working with Jeff several times, we've been friends for years. You can see more of Jeff's work here at this link.

All three are also on Facebook, look them up !

We are privileged to have these fine artists working on the Mac and Trouble card set. And hopefully in the future, we will bring them (and the other artists) to do guest work on the comics.

Thanks guys !

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