Saturday, October 22, 2011

MEOW is not a 4 letter word...

It's time for a
* TODAY & TOMORROW ONLY !! October 22-23, 2011 *

Any contributions made to the Mac and Trouble comic campaign will receive a FREE trading card art commission of your choice - it can be comic characters, tv/movie stars, etc...
Samples can be found in the "Friday, October 7, 2011" blog entry.
Random people will win an additional signed card as a surprise !

Recent Mac and Trouble sketch cards...
Our first entry comes from Larry Jarrell, publisher of WTF Comics:
Mac and Trouble as a 'Dynamic Duo' (left) and a cool cross-over with Red Angel from WTF Comics...
 Our next entry comes from Johnny Segura:
I'm not sure that Trouble is that 'hip' - but Mac is, eating our favorite food: SUSHI !!!

Larry Jarrell and WTF Comics can be found at this link.
Johnny Segura's work can be found here at this link.

Both of these artists have turned in wonderful work for the Mac and Trouble trading card set. Their work is greatly appreciated.

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