Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sketch Card Flyer !

In an effort to further promote the "Mac and Trouble 2011" sketch card set, we'd like to show you this new 'flyer' which showcases a few of the beautiful sketch cards being randomly inserted into the sets.
Each set contains an original art sketch card - maybe you'll be lucky and pick up one of these...

Credits for these awesome cards are as follows:
(top row) Bianca Thompson, Russ Leach, Jason Shoemaker...
(bottom row) Rusty Gilligan, Jeff Austin, Beck Seashols, and Wu Wei...

All of these individuals are fine artists... except me - the 'taxi cab' among 'limos' - hehe.

I will attempt to provide links for all:

Of course, mine is my site for Mac and Trouble...

To support the project, and obtain one of these great sets to benefit animal charities, please see the ad below.

And, if you're interested in some original comic book
art - please see these pages listed on Ebay... thanks !

-Rusty !

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