Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mac and Trouble - Sketch Card Heroes ??

Obviously, as an artist and character creator, you want to get your product known in as many ways as possible.
For me, it's "Mac and Trouble" - and I take advantage of as many avenues of publicity as I can.

In this case, I've been putting my current sketch card work to good use, and marketing the 'cats' as much as I can. Here are a few places that Mac and Trouble have popped up recently...

*First off, some lucky fan will grab this 2-card puzzle featured in the CBLDF Liberty card set from Cryptozoic...
(Trouble is TOO happy for words here LOL)

*Next, another collector will get a chance to find this 2-card puzzle in the Island Dreams charity card packs...
(They're showing their true colors here)

*Last, but not least, Mac made a special appearance in the March of Dimes "Be a Superhero for Babies" charity card set from 5finity...
(Trouble must've been chasing cheese and forgot to show up for this one)

Credit must be given where it's due... the top 2 entries above were originally penciled by series artist, Michael Mayne - and transferred to the cards, to be inked by myself. The bottom one is all me.

Adding more to the pile...

*The "Mac and Trouble" promo card set... The cats have been sketched by many artists for their own 4-card set, soon to be released.
(Mac: "Hey, we look good !)
credits: Michael Mayne, Terry Pavlet, and myself


*The Red Angel set... This new card set, soon to be released from WTF Comics, contains a special card of Mac and Trouble with Red Angel on the deck of her ship. (More info on this set is featured in the Sept 7 blog post here, complete with B&W versions of the cards mentioned.)
(Nice legs !!)
credits: Russ Leach and myself

As always, please click the pix for a larger view.

Please check out the CBLDF -and- the March of Dimes. Both of these fine organizations could use your help.

More to come...

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