Friday, September 30, 2011

Today's Guest: Beck Seashols...

Since the time is growing closer and closer for the Mac and Trouble promo card set to be released, in conjunction with our comic book campaign on Indiegogo, I wanted to spotlight a few events in the making of the sketch cards.

Today we're spotlighting a great artist from the set, the lovely Beck Seashols, who's artistic talents are known by many in the sketch card genre.

The following pix were snapped during a recent webcasting of her art show... in this cast, we see her working on the Mac and Trouble sketch cards she's entering into the set.
The 'cheese' pic... gotta have one.

Playful Trouble.

Our favorite, the 'Star Trek' parody !

What makes Beck's show great, even above the fantastic art, is the way she interacts with her audience, always a blend of familiar faces and newcomers. The conversations are lively and flowing.

At right are the end results of the 3 cards above, with the rest of her great cards:

As mentioned before, Beck is no stranger to the sketch card market. She's provided beautiful art for such producers and sets as: Topps' 'Star Wars', Breygent Marketing, AC's 'Femforce', and many others.

She currently co-produces a web-strip known as "Sweeten Village" with her partner, Brad Duncan. This strip is all-ages, and a lot of fun. If you like baked goods and high adventure, this is your strip !
More of Beck's work can be seen at her website.

Thanks very much Beck for your great work, we hope to see even more of it in the future !


  1. aww shucks, Rusty you're so sweet! thanks for sharing my stuffs! ;)

  2. Your work is great - I should be saying 'thank you' !