Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Recent Work... Back At It !!

Ok, after being sick and terribly busy for a while, I'm back at it - and I wanted to share some recent work...

First off - In preparation for my upcoming work on The Avengers trading card set (the 1960's British tv show) from Unstoppable Cards, I did this 2-card puzzle...
John Steed (left) and Emma Peel... The Avengers

Next - I inked a few cards from the upcoming Red Angel limited edition set soon to be released by What The Flux Comics. This set encompasses the series with some fabulous artwork from artists such as Russ Leach, Javier Lugo, Larry Jarrell, and Ashleigh Popplewell among others.

The pencils of Russ Leach (left) and Larry Jarrell (right).
Notice that Mac & Trouble are in the left card with Red Angel !!

Some more Island Dreams charity cards to show off now that the set is done (more can be seen here, in an earlier dated post)...

Since a lot of info was given in this post, I've included all links in the features, rather than at the end as I normally do.

More to come !!

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